Episode 6

Published on:

18th May 2020

Episode #6: Shocking Anger at the "Fake News" Media, Balancing Law and PR Risks, COVID Delirium and Get it in Writing!

We play a shocking piece of audio from a protest in New York where people shout profanity at a journalist who turned up to cover the protest. The news media may have a bigger PR problem than news organizations would like to admit. We dive into the issue and look at how to get a balanced news diet.

We got into some interesting debates in Episode 6 around when to be litigious and when to be more trusting. If you get promises from your boss, make sure you get it in writing -- even if it's just in an email. At the same time, you don't want to come across as not trusting your superior. It's a fine line that we try and straddle!

COVID-19 is leading to huge numbers of job losses, some that may never come back. And we look at some scary delirium suffered by patients who need ventilators. If you weren't scared of COVID-19 before, you will be after hearing this story.

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