Episode 5

Published on:

14th May 2020

Episode #5: The Embarrassing Leak of Private Misogynistic Chats on Instagram, COVID Chaos in the White House, and Why People are Unhappy in Retirement

**This episode is being republished due to technical issues. If you've already listened to Episode 5 you can obviously skip this. If not, hope you enjoy and sorry it's late.**

This is a good one! It moves fast, too, as we dive into the embarrassing leak of an athlete's misogynistic and damaging private Instagram messages followed by his weak apology. Ewan looks at the lawsuits over COVID-19 piling up as people demand compensation for being put at risk of contracting the disease or refunds from products and services that were never delivered. We also explore a reflective article in The Atlantic that looks at why so many people are unhappy in retirement and what people in high achieving jobs can do to avoid a similar fate.

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