Episode 17

Published on:

3rd Aug 2020

Episode #17: Crisis Comms Expert Edward Segal on Communicating COVID and Facebook's Fumbles. Also: New Work Contracts, "Karen", and Success Addiction

The author of "Crisis Ahead: 101 Ways to Prepare for and Bounce Back from Disasters, Scandals, and Other Emergencies" Edward Segal shared practical advice for companies communicating with staff about COVID-19, including how to manage layoffs or furloughs in a caring, empathetic way. He also critiqued Facebook's communications performance from the Cambridge Analytica scandal in 2016 to today, and why companies currently boycotting the service could find themselves with their own scandals to manage. The 30-year communications veteran also shared tips on preparing a great speech, how to stay calm before facing the media, and why keeping up with technology is important.

We also discuss some changes to employment contracts as a result of COVID-19 that gives employers much more room to layoff staff. Ewan encourages people to read their contracts carefully.

Also: the death of Regis Philbin, Hong Kong's embarrassing reversal on restaurant closures just one day after implementation, and why 'success addicts' are choosing being special over being happy.

A transcript of the entire episode has been published on CamMacMurchy.com.

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Ewan Christie is an employment lawyer and partner at Duntrune LLP in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Cam MacMurchy is a corporate communications executive with a multinational technology company listed in Hong Kong and curator of the Digital Bits PR and Communications newsletter.

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