Episode 10

Published on:

15th Jun 2020

Episode #10: Social Justice and #BLM Raise Stakes for Brands, Cathay Pacific Bailed Out, Harry Potter and Gender Dysphoria, Seinfeld vs. Maron

What a show! A lot is packed into this week's episode, including a look at how companies are increasingly under-the-gun in an age of social justice, with consumers demanding more than platitudes and simple statements of support of the Black Lives Matter movement -- they want real action. We also welcome journalist Danny Lee from the South China Morning Post to talk about the surprise bailout of Cathay Pacific by the Hong Kong government and how COVID-19 has decimated airlines globally.

Ewan shines some light on a story that didn't manage to break through in a busy news week: the US has taken a startlingly punitive stance against the International Criminal Court.

We also explore the war underway in the New York Times newsroom, furore over JK Rowling and trans activists, and the awkward conversation between comedians Jerry Seinfeld and Marc Maron.

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